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Citywide: Official Trailer (2022)
Fishtown Films

Citywide: Official Trailer (2022)



Comedy-Drama-Thriller  |  1h 34 min  |  2022  |  HD

Rosalind just wanted a fun night out.

Fishtown had other ideas.

A wild night in Philadelphia leaves one woman with a dead phone, separated from her bestie, in the bed of a beautiful woman, flirting with another, all while trying to outrun a serial killer and a punchy girl gang. Who knows where the night will lead?

Directed by: Austin Elston

Starring: Janice Amaya, Alice Kremelberg, Sonia Mena, Ali Stoner, Mallory Wu, Rachel Lin, Sharlee Taylor

Cinematography by: Emily Gallagher

Score by: Black Cactus

Audio language: English        
Subtitles language: English

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